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With a commitment to our duties and responsibilities, Hörmann is dedicated to protecting the environment and safeguarding the future. As a family-owned business with a history of 84 years, Hörmann always remembers its due responsibility for the next generation in areas of employees, products, resources and environment. Today, we are fully equipped and ready to meet this challenge.

Strengthen Pro-environment Awareness, Safeguard Natural Resources

Every single action to conduce to pro-environment
Hörmann is committed to taking environmental protection to the maximum: strict inspection and control of daily work processes are powerful ways to constantly optimize green production and save energy as well as resources. The awareness on environmental protection during production is reflected in various aspects, such as recycled paper, recycling of shipping packaging materials, etc.

Create Intelligent Systems with Innovative Technologies

Intelligent system to escort climate safety
Hörmann has adopted innovative environment-friendly co-generation power stations and intelligent energy management systems in many production bases to greatly reduce carbon dioxide emission and enhance our environmental protection awareness.

Make All-out Efforts to Pro-environment

Sustainable energy to reduce carbon dioxide emission
By using sustainable energy, Hörmann has reduced carbon dioxide emission by approximately 16,000 tons annually. In the future, Hörmann will endeavor to connect its plants directly to local wind farms. These measures will continue steadily reducing carbon dioxide emission, and we will go along this pro-environment road all the way forward.

Hörmann in China

All endeavors we made for sustainable development……

Many a Little Makes a Mickle: Create Sustainable Production

Hörmann's efforts to continuously develop and optimize sustainable production are demonstrated not only in products, production processes and organizational structure but also in areas such as product quality, energy efficiency, environment and health protection as well as occupational safety, etc. In accordance with requirement standards such as DIN EN ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 and BS OHSAS 18001, all Hörmann employees have been working as a part of our comprehensive management system and making contributions to these common goals. In the meanwhile, the decentralized structure, open, efficient coordination and communication also provide strong support for the management system.

Sustainable Products

From the procurement of raw materials to production and further transportation logistics—protection on environment and natural resources have always been playing an important role in every stage. Hörmann has gradually formed into a green, environment-friendly production style. Certified environmentally-friendly products from Hörmann can be seen in many innovative building projects. Let's take multi-purpose doors as the example: the Unileverhaus office complex and the Spiegel-Haus building located in Hamburg are two classic examples. In addition, Hörmann products are also used directly in climate protection projects, such as steel doors in windmills areas.

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