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Increasing demands as to energy efficiency, safety and durability require individually adjusted solutions. We shall advise you on site and recommend an economically efficient system which can meet your requirements in terms of quality, function and reliability.

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Dock levellers


Dock levelers are used at the loading as well as unloading positions and are the solutions to compensate the differences in height between various lorry platforms and docks to facilitate the efficient loading and unloading of goods. The hydraulic system moves the platform to the highest point and then automatically extends the hinged lip outwards. Then the platform gradually lowers until the hinged lip reaches the loading surface to complete the process and the goods can be quickly and safely loaded and unloaded. Dock levelers undergo serious loading and unloading challenges each day. Therefore, all their parts must be made of good-quality materials. Hörmann dock leveler platforms are available with either hinged or telescopic lips. With a maximum length of 5 meters, they can bridge the large gaps between docks and lorry platforms. All Hörmann dock levelers comply with the requirements of EN 1398. We provide different sizes to meet various load requirements.

Standardized housing sizes and similar cable sets

From development to production, all Hörmann products come from the same source, making them well matched to each other. You can benefit from a uniform operating concept with standardized housing sizes and similar cable sets for all dock levelers and door controls.

Dual hydraulic unit

2 hydraulic cylinders ensure the balanced, reliable and safe operation of the dock leveler. It comes equipped with automatic emergency-stop valves.

Telescopic lip

The telescopic lip with a robust front lip is reinforced throughout. The 12/14 mm thick running plate is made of a single piece.


A fine running plate, 6/8 or 8/10 mm thick, with a standard rated load of 60 kN permanently carries goods and transport equipment. The flat transitions from the platform to the telescopic lip and to the loading surface ensure safe loading.

Hinged lip

The open design with hinge points close to one another prevents the accumulation of dirt, such as wood shavings in the hinge.


The number and design of the girders prevent deformation (track groves) beyond the degree required by EN 1398.

Dock shelters/Dock seals


Flap dock shelter- Flap

Hörmann flap dock shelters can be adjusted to the lorry's sizes and thus can be used universally. As dock or roadway models, they are available in many variations and can therefore be well customized to most situations. Well-made top and side flaps, mounted on a galvanized, compressible steel frame, result in a stable, flexible and robust construction. Flaps and frame parts are manufactured as easy-to-assemble individual elements that can be screwed together. This also makes replacements simple and inexpensive.

Inflatable dock seal

The roof and side cladding are made of insulated steel panels, 20 mm thick. They are available in a choice of White aluminium, RAL 9006, or Grey white, RAL 9002, with anodized aluminium corner profiles with a rounded softline look.


The powerful blower is in operation during the entire loading process and thus guarantees a constant seal. Ventilation slots ensure the required pressure compensation and drain condensation water.

Flap dock shelter

Inflatable dock seals adjust well to the different lorry sizes. The fine seal mostly prevents the entrance of cold into heated buildings or heat into refrigerated warehouses to save energy. It envelops the vehicle without restricting the area of travel of the doors and it is the ideal solution for specific situations, such as a DOBO system. After the loading process and switching off the fan, the cushions quickly withdraw via their interior tension cables and counter weights.

Loading houses


Loading houses are placed in front of the building, which is particularly energy-efficient and space-saving. This means that the entire building space can be used, right up to the exterior walls. The building door extends to the building floor not on top of the dock leveler, but behind it. In this way, the door opening is effectively insulated, especially outside loading times. Loading houses are also suited for modernization, as a complete loading bay can be added to the building without costly reconstruction measures.


For LHF 2 type, any suitable cladding can be applied on the frame construction on-site, which is recommended when the building's facade should also determine the appearance of the loading house. For LHP 2 type, the side walls and the roof panel are made of double-skinned 42-mm-thick steel panels. This version is recommended when noise transmission is to be decreased during loading in addition to protect against adverse effects of the weather.


Loading houses are drained via a standard roof slope of 2 % towards the front. A gutter is also fitted to the loading houses in combination with a drainpipe. Under certain conditions, an optional roof slope of 10 % is possible.


A static calculation according to EN 1990 is available for all models. Depending on the version, the particularly stable design carries a roof load bearing capacity of max. 1 kN/m² or 3 kN/m² and is also recommended for snowy regions. The max. wind load is 0.65 kN/m². Thus, with Hörmann you can plan loading houses simply and safely. For higher requirements, please contact with your Hörmann partner.


The height of the loading house pedestal feet can be adjusted to well adapt to the building level. This facilitates fitting and allows for the compensation of possible building subsidence even years later.


Loading houses are available as individual units or as a row of houses installed at a 90° angle to the facade of the plant. They are also available at special angles if needed to solve the problem of vehicles being too long to park in a limited lot.

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