Hörmann smart lock

High quality locking system is applied to all Hörmann entrance doors to achieve an ideal level of safety and security. Hörmann smart lock with integrated finger scanner, card reader and pass code keypad brings you even greater security protection and more convenience. Keys in pocket are not necessary any longer.

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Hörmann smart lock HSL 01


Intelligent living biological detection technology originated from Sweden can fully eliminate the risk of false fingerprint and provide more accurate recognition.

Passwords setting up to 16-digit, and available for anti-peeping virtual password function, eliminate the risk of being peeped and provide you with longer password protection.

Europe imported security profile cylinder throughout door leaf provides you with double security protection. It is the second barrier for your home even if the control panel of the smart lock is broken by force. Of course, you can also open the door by key through this cylinder during emergency.

"Compact" series of intelligent access control



The door will be unlocked immediately right after swiping the card or scanning the fingerprint, and will be locked automatically whenever it is closed.

"Compact Plus"

Multi-point electric security lock is equipped with integrated micro motor as standard. After swiping the card or scanning the fingerprint, the micro motor will automatically drive the latches and locking bolts to unlock the door. After the door is closed, it will automatically lock again. You can also set day / night mode according to your individual requirement.

Other Customized Services

Doors equipped with multi-point electric security lock can also be available with separate fingerprint and password switches based on your needs.

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The vision is to close all openings in China with high-tech solutions from Hörmann.
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